Doppler Map for Tri-State Region New York, New Jersey, Ct

Do you have a map that just encompasses the tri-state region of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut?

The 1800 mile Northeast Doppler Map is too broad for my region, so is there one that is more narrow?

This one better?

That being from

There’s also

Doppler Map for the Tri-State Region NY, NJ, CT

Ed: thanks for the map :iconbiggrin: It’s greatly appreciated.

I loaded it into the Map Manager but just an fyi, Mike has only a sub-category
for 600 mile Doppler.

I have to load the 300 mile Doppler Map into that.

Is there a workaround?

In the Weather Watcher folder open the MapsHistory.ww file in Notepad and add this to the bottom:

"[Mine] Tri-State Area",""

This way the map will always be available to you. Whenever you want to view it click on Map History in the Tray Icon’s menu or the Interface’s Map button.

With Map Manager to the best of my knowledge you’re not limited to the classifications that come with WW. You can create your own. The only thing is a new release of WW can update the maps and you can loose what you have added without fiddling around with a backup file. The history file is smaller and easier to maintain. It may not be as sophisticated as using Map Manager but I haven’t lost anything in it yet. :icon_smile: