Donations Response

Interesting donations related emails, Mike. I can see the CNN, MSNBC and Fox News headlines:

Top Internet Software Developer and Top Internet Marketers Clash over Donations!

Story line:
Recently, a renowned a heavy hitting Internet Marketer was disenchanted with a rather brief thank-you note sent by the software designer in response to a rather large donation.

The software expert is befuddled and at a loss to understand what he had done wrong.

The Internet Marketing expert shared the note with some of his heavy hitter friends and they agreed that the software person’s marketing skills sucked. Clearly a high level battle is brewing that could challenge the peace and sanctity of the entire Internet community.

As to be expected, Larry King got wind of the situation and invited the opposing forces to meet on his show and have it out for all the public to enjoy.

For weeks, the show was hyped and finally they all met on a Monday night, in prime time, with Larry King at the helm - 75 Marketing Guru’s and 68 Forum cronies and Singers Creations faithful joined the Software guru. Due to the size of the guest rostrum, the show was held in a gymnasium. And the entire show was to be devoted to this major Internet-community battle.

Larry opened the show by asking each side to take a few minutes and state their positions. The Software Developer looked at the offended Internet Marketer and the Marketing expert returned his gaze. Then…

Then suddenly they both burst into tears and began talking at the same time. As best we can decipher, the Software Developer apologized for the brevity of his note and promised a three page email will be sent to make up for it. The Internet Marketer, through his sobs, confessed that he just hadn’t been understanding of all the pressures and marketing deficiencies with which his newfound friend had to cope.

In high pitched emotionally charged voices, the two opponents, now friends, made a pact there and then to work together to form a marketing and software company that would rival Microsoft.

The entire event took four minutes and 27 seconds. The show was over - the friends were locked in embrace and could no longer talk without bursting into tears.

The look on Mr. King’s face was priceless - he too was speechless. So they went to a 55 minute commercial.

The Internet world is expectantly awaiting the new developments they all know will come.

Story line by BS Associated Press

Haha… too funny [:D]