Does what others don't, and doesn't do what others do

I mainly wanted to say just how pleased I am with StickIt, for one reason only - it stays on the desktop ALL the time, no matter what. I’ve tried almost every other sticky program out there, including shareware ones, and not one of them stays on the desktop all the time - at least not when one is in another program and then clicks the “Show Desktop” icon in the taskbar. With the other sticky software, one has to minimise all open programs to see stickies on the desktop, which is irritating. Or, in the other software, the minute one clicks on a blank space on the desktop, the stickies disappear… I’m so glad this isn’t the case with StickIt!

However, like I’ve noticed others here mention, I’d love to see a few more features, such as formatting single words, having an optional little toolbar at the top of each sticky, and the other sort of stuff that most of the other sticky software does. As the sticky stays on the desktop all the time no matter what, I’d even be happy to pay for it (ie: if it were shareware) if it had some of the other more common features of other sticky software :iconbiggrin:

One feature I’d particularly like, which I’ve seen elsewhere, is the ability to have a sticky appear (be attached to) in a particular program instead of the desktop.

Many thanks again for having the one feature other sticky programs don’t!

Ooh. I like the idea of being able to attach a sticky to a specific program. Specifically, my mail client… Hehe.