Does this work?/How does this work?

I just downloaded the software and I get - nothing but a blank screen, bottom right of my firefox.

Are there any instructions for setting this up?

What should I see when this does work?

Kinda frustrated.


What exactly did you install?

I installed a Firefox add-on called Weather Watcher Live, version 1.0.15.

At the bottom right of my browser, I’ve got a nice green ball, two blank squares and a “NA” square.

So is there some instructions somewhere for setting this up into something a tad more useful?

The only option you must setup is the active weather station. The extension used to prompt you to set that up when Firefox opened, but I had to remove that prompt per a new requirement from Mozilla. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Right-click the extension and select Options… from the menu.

2) Select Stations from the left menu in the Options window.

3) Click the Add Station… button.

4) Search for a city or US zip code, select the desired weather station from the search results below the map, and press the OK button.

I’m making progress. :icon_smile: Thanks for you help so far.

Most everything is showing and updating. One aspect that is fairly useless is the weather map that shows almost the entire North American continent. Local conditions are not easy to read from that scale.

I saw a “Change map…” option and explored that. I entered a new map - this one: … tml?id=XFT

which has a view of my area (Ottawa, Ontario).

The new map selection did not take. I entered the URL of the page the map is on, clicked OK and even restarted Firefox.

Do you have any suggestions what I might do to track down the problem?

You’ve linked to an HTML file. You can only link to images (like .GIF, .JPG or .PNG).

The problem is the name of the map on that page is: … p;overlays[]=/radar/images/layers/roads/XFT_roads.gif&overlays[]=/radar/images/layers/radar_circle/radar_circle.gif&overlays[]=/radar/images/layers/default_cities/xft_towns.gif

And includes the date and time in the name. ie 2011_02_12_03_30.GIF Thus while you can display the image it won’t be the current image for very long.

Does this work for you: … Start=true

Ed_P, Flash will not work. You can only link to images.

Too bad. :sad: It works in your old version. :thumbright:

Ed_P, old version of what?

goto the option option from menu
then new station
then add station
after that chose ur wheather watcher and press ok