DL.exe access




http://www.thawkins.com !!! And interesting site to say the least. Especially its Webcam page. A friend of yours?

The “boy” does get around.

This is on a W2K system running WW 5.6.16, which BTW says it is the “latest version” of WW when checked.

So what are all these sites? Are there any more mystery sites DL.exe connects to? And why the diversity??

Gotta spread out the bandwidth… it’s quite expensive on a freeware budget :shock:

http://rainbowstrip.com/ -> The RainBowsTrip Revolution | The revolution to form a free society!

http://www.thawkins.com/webcamfiles/ -> http://www.thawkins.com/webcamfiles/webcam.jpg

Isn’t there an old saying about being judged based on the friends you keep? :sad:

I’ve never heard that saying… I guess I’m not old enough :wink: