DL caused a protection fault in kernell32.dll

I am running Windows 98SE with 192 Mb of ram. When I tried to install Weather Watcher on my computer I kept getting an error saying that DL caused a protection fault in module kernell32.dll.

Is this because of my limited ram or is there some other reason for this problem?

My computer kept freezing up, so I had to uninstall Weather Watcher. I would really like to have it installed again.

Try uninstalling WW 5.6.18 and downloading and installing the oldest version posted here. See if that helps.


That suggestion seems to be working for now. Perhaps when I get more RAM and a better processor I’ll be able to get the latest version again.


I was wrong. It didn’t solve the problem. So I am just going to have to wait until I get more RAM and a better processor.

While more read RAM will speed things up a larger Swap file will handle large memory requirements. If your Swap file is fixed in size try increasing it. If your hd is full clean out the dead wood so the Swap file can expand.

WW runs on my Win 98 system though I haven’t tried it with the newest versions.

I’m not really sure of what a swap file is. I just got this computer when my XP computer broke, so I am not really aware of what all is in it.


Click on My Computer then Right click on the c: drive icon then on Properties. How big is the drive and how much free space does it have?

This computer only has a 10 Gb hard drive, which in modern standards is rather small. And there is only about 2 GB of space left on that.

Can you run ScanDisk on it? It should be in the menu’s Accessories if I recall.

Ok, I checked, it’s in the Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools part of the menu.

And what version of IE is on the machine?