Displaying weather information for the next closest city

Yes, that seems to have corrected the problem.

This is possibly another topic for discussion, but I do notice now, however, that I have our local high school WeatherBug station selected (even though it is out of service) but WWL is displaying weather information for the next city closest to me which is 15 miles away. When I put my zip code in for WWL, our high school is an option. On WB, it is not even listed - as it is out of service. It is listed only when it is in service.

I have contacted WB on our high school’s WB station status and they said they are waiting for some type of “part” for it and they are not sure when it will be up and running. It has been down for several months.



I believe the WeatherBug data feed defaults to the closest available weather station when the selected weather station is down.

Then should the line the says “My Hometown High School” (underneath “update”, “now”, “hourly”, “daily”, etc.) on the WWL console also change to indicate where the feed is coming from, like “Next Town Over Airport”, instead of staying with the originally selected feed name when that feed is down?

The location name is being pulled from a locally stored list of stations – not sure if the name changes in the data feed or not. What is the city and name of that school?

Three Rivers, MI (zip - 49093)

Three Rivers High School’s WB station is down. Next closest location (NWS) is Kirsch Municipal Airport in Sturgis, MI.

Well, this one is going to be tough to troubleshoot since that station does not appear in the list when searching.

I see that it is not on the list now, also. A few days ago it was (on WWL) and I selected it. I checked WB, but it was not on the list. Perhaps is was up and running for a moment and I caught it then. Maybe the heading remains fixed on it while getting the data feed from Kirsch. Presently, the heading is still on “Three Rivers High School” while getting the feed from Kirsch. I’ll check periodically and see if/when it comes back online and keep you informed.

Thanks again, Mike!

When you have Three Rivers High School selected, what is the following Windows registry value set to?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live\CityCode\Code

How do I go about finding that information?

dpholtz, follow the instructions below to access that data in the Windows registry:

1) Click the Windows Start button and select Run….

2) In the Run window, type regedit and click the OK button. This action will open the Windows registry window.

3) On the left side of the Windows registry window, navigate through the tree to the following location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live\CityCode

4) Once there, click on the “CityCode” folder icon to make sure it is selected. At that point, you should see the “Code” value on the right side of that window (in the “Data” column).


Yep, the data feed is displaying the proper station name – “Kirsch Municipal Airport”.

I can check the station code and display the weather station name from the data feed if the station codes do not match. In your example, that change would cause Weather Watcher Live to display “Sturgis, MI (Kirsch Municipal Airport)” for your station. I’ll add this change to my to-do list.

Here’s a new Weather Watcher Live build with that change:


Thanks again.

I’ll keep you posted if I notice anything else, but it looks good!