Display when window is opened.........

When i open up the WW window from the already running desktop icon it only shows the current weather value instead of showing the daily aswell, it looks like it’s missing a bit of stuff, here’s a pic so u know what i’m talkn about;


looks bear doesnt it, i don’t think that i’ve changed any settings but any help would b appreciated,
thanks in advance,
KENTzee …

wow, after all that i finally found out that there was a .dll prob on my system with the registry. there were 2 or 3 programs that weren’t working properly with various different problems but anyway it’s all working fine again… i appreciate the advise given anyway & thanks again…

Thanks for the update KENTzee. Good to hear.

How did you find the problem?

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I got exactly the same problem after upgrading form ww 5.6.5 to 5.6.6. I found this topic and I changed the internet options in IE (active scripting to enabled for internet). Now it works again. Thanks [:)]