Display Appears Defaulted to Landscape Mode - Missing Info

When my HTC Touch (Vogue 100 a.k.a. XV6900) is set to Portrait display mode, I do not see the information in the far right-hand side of the pane - specifically the day’s Hi or Lo, the Humidity or the (chance of) Precipitation. However, when I set my display to Landscape, the data appears correctly. I am running Windows Mobile v6.5 with WWM 1.0.17.

Is there a setting I can edit, either in the registry or an .ini file, that will correct this? And yes, I did verify that IE is my default browser. :wink:



I’ve only tested Weather Watcher Mobile on the XV6800 and a few emulators. While I’ve seen others mention this issue, I’ve never had the opportunity to see that problem in person.

When in portrait display mode, do you see a horizontal scrollbar?

Sadly, no. This was another hiccup that I noticed but failed to mention. Oddly enough, the touchscreen scrolling and scrollbar are both missing.

The older version worked fine though I do not recall if it was .08, .12 or another version and I did have Opera on the old v6.1 install.

One thing I did notice, even though I’ve set my IE to default browser (by unchecking Opera Mobile - which I do need (sadly) for remote web access to our security cameras) get this:

  1. I uncheck Opera as my default browser
  2. I open IE and it STILL asks if I want it to be my default browser (no big deal - registry editing time)
  3. I open and edit the registry - making IE my default browser (editing the appropriate HTMLFILE, HTML & HTTPS keys and subkeys)
  4. I verify IE is now my default browser by opening IE (and default browser check passes (e.g. no prompt))
  5. Feeling super groovy, I open WWM, which seems to take about 2-3 extra seconds to open vs. normal duration, but it does open…with the display still set too wide (unless in Landscape mode).
  6. (This is where it gets really weird) - I go back and check the previously edited registry keys and the HTMLFILE DefaultIcon key has been changed back to browseres.dll.-6703 from the iexplore.exe,-1003 I’d changed it to earlier which got IE to assume its default browser role
  7. I open IE and, sure enough, I get the default browser prompt\check again.

I know that sounds bizarre, but I’ve been able to duplicate the results, over and over, reliably.

In short, it seems that something in WWM is referring back to Opera as the default browser and making the appropriate registry change to set Opera as such (key \HKCR\htmlfile\DefaultIcon). Was there any kind of initial browser check when WWM first opened that would have “tied” it into Opera?

I have uninstalled Opera, completely, making sure the default browser was not set as Opera before doing so, and still, no mas.

Mike…I’m perplexed. Do you have any idea what’s going on here?

In a pinch, I can use the D-button to navigate but I do miss the touchscreen navigation of the screen and all the weather information (as I use it to gauge whether or not I can cycle after I get out of work). Plus, it looked really cool when showing off the app to others (^_~)

When Weather Watcher Mobile loads, it checks the value of “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_htmlfile_Opera\Default”. If not blank and “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_htmlfile_iexplore\Default” is blank, then the following keys will be set:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_htmlfile_iexplore\Default = “HTML Document”
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_htmlfile_iexplore\DefaultIcon\Default = “iexplore.exe,-1003”
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT_htmlfile_iexplore\Shell\Open\Command\Default = “iexplore.exe file:%1”
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.html\Default = _htmlfile_iexplore

Thanks, Mike.

If I understand you correctly: IF the PIE key is blank, and the Opera key is populated, then the registry keys you’ve listed will autopopulate with the values you’ve indicated?

I did check and the PIE key was actually populated with iexplore.exe,-1003 but, since the system wasn’t working correctly anyway, I removed the value for this key, effectively blanking it, and the result was still the same when I opened WWM - data will only fully display in Landscape.

Can you think of anything else I can try? At the worst, if I could just assign a READONLY value to the HTMLFILE\DefaultIcon key, denying SYSTEM access to change that key, it should basically force that registry value to stay enforced unless that READONLY value is removed.

I am using PHMRegedit which (apparently) does not have that capability built-in. Do you know of another registry editor that will allow me to assign a READONLY value to a key if you can think of nothing else for me to try?