Difference between WW & weather.com free software?

I’m sorry if this is not in the right forum. I was wondering what’s the difference between WW and weather.com’s free software? AFAIK there’s no adware/spyware/malware on weather.com’s free software - or am I wrong?


well WW comes out of the box free with no ads or spyware or any crap like that… if you check out… http://www.weather.com/services/desktop … wxanywhere If you look at their free version you only get 3 day forcast as apposed to the 10 day with WW. But you’ll notice under their Platium version is says No Ads. I take this to mean that Weather.com free version has ads tossed in there… Plus WW is extremely customizable. You can check the look of the display if you know html… there are a couple templates out there was well… and you can even change the icons if you’d like. Not to mention the other cool features Mike has tossed in there…

Here is a screenshot of Desktop Weather: