Difference between daily forecast and the day tooltip


Does anybody have an idea about why the Hi/Lo numbers in the DAILY view are different from those on the tooltip for the same day?

Let’s take an example.

For Sat, Jan 19 I read a high temperature of +3 celsius and a low temperature of -4. However, if I hover the mouse on “SAT” it reads:
“… Highs near 8 C and lows near -1 C”

The data is probably as it comes from weather.com, but I don’t really know… :frowning:

I noticed the same problem with my city this morning. After I updated the weather again, the problem corrected itself.

I guess it’s possible that the daily and detailed weather information was not updated on weather.com’s server at the same time. Whatever the case, it seems the data was not up-to-date.

Well, Mike, I have to say that these discrepancies are always present for my city, no matter how often I update the data.

Temperatures are the same for the next 2 or 3 days, but as I look further towards the end of the forecast period, the differences are becoming bigger and bigger…

weird. I just checked mine and every day showed the same exact values, down to the tenths place digit. That is definitely a large discrepancy, though. I cannot help but think that the data is coming from 2 different sources / something is set to show different values for your locale.

If you want you can PM / email me your exact locale and I’ll check it on my system to see if it is causing the same results here…

This discussion sounds vaguely familiar. Is one the forecast numbers and one the actual numbers?

What data tags does the Tooltip use for it’s numbers? If they are different than the Forecast skins making them the same will eliminate the differences.

What skins are you using? Do you see the problem using my skins?

In order to avoid any confusion, I would like to post a screenshot to illustrate the issue.

Please look at the tooltip for Wednesday. The difference is there, and not in the tray tooltip (in case someone understood it this way).

And the difference is only in the temperatures and not in the forecast.


Thank you for any suggestions! :slight_smile:

EdP: which skin should I try?

Check to see if the tooltip numbers match up with a different day. That use to be a problem in the Splendid skin. As was the wind direction being the same for day and night.

I’d suggest the Stone Soup one but I think I use it’s Daily skin in some of the others also.

Well, Ed, I have downloaded, installed and applied Stone Soup, but there is still a mismatch between the tooltip temperatures and those in the Hi/Lo column.

Day names and conditions are the same.

I would like to see what the RSS data looks like, but for some reason I can’t access it from the weather.com site. Is there a way to look at the raw data somewhere?

georgi, it looks like there is an issue with detailed forecast conversion. Try setting the temperature to Fahreneheit in the “Conversion” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window. After you do that and update the weather, the tooltips should be reporting the correct information.

This should work.

http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/B … d=3&hbhf=8

Here is the result, Mike:


There is still a difference.

Ed, where does the tooltip text come from? I can’t see it in the raw data, except for days 1 and 2…

The data comes from the Data Tags that WW passes to the templates. Open Daily.wtp in Notepad to see the code.

To see more days worth of data change the 3s in the URL to 7s to see a weeks worth of data.

FWIW I don’t see the problem using the Stone Soup skin with F temps.


georgi, did you refresh the weather after changes the units? The wording looks like the converted wording.

Here is the exact sequence of what I am doing (using the Splendid skin this time):

Original screen:

After changing units, but before update:

After changing units and after update:

Is this what you told me to do?

FIXED: Celsius temperature conversion in the detailed (daily text) weather forecast.

Thank you, Mike!

Now it is much better, though not perfect. There is still a slight difference in values (about one degree), but I will live with it. :slight_smile:

georgi, before converted, the forecast often reads something like “in the low 20’s”. The “low 20’s” does not calculate out to a specific value, so you have to give or take a degree (or two).