Dew Point reading should be put back on the 'Now' tab of WWL

I remember when you used to have this IMPORTANT weather element on the earlier free versions of WWL but it’s been gone for a long time. The dew point is an extremely important weather feature to have. It tells a better and more complete story of the weather, especially in the summertime months on the east coast.

So my question is, can you put the Dew Point graph bar readings back and put it next to the humidity graph bars? There’s lots of room for you to do that. The dew point reading already exists in the tray window when you mouse over the temp reading so perhaps you can add some code to WWL so that it places the dew point readings in that window into the ‘Now’ bar?

I hope you can…


Re: Dew Point reading should be put back on the ‘Now’ tab of

The following build will display a dew point bar graph in the “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window for Weather Underground weather stations:

Re: Dew Point reading should be put back on the ‘Now’ tab of

Thanks a lot Mike. It looks complete now. The only other thing that you now need to fix is the minimal size of WWL window, now that you added the humidity bar graph.

As it stands right now, if people update to this new version, they won’t see the ‘Wind’ bar graph to the far right as it is now cut off. They would have to resize the window a little wider for it to come into focus in the ‘Now’ tab section.

My next suggestion is… Can you make the WWL window display a little larger widthwise so that you can see the ‘Wind’ bar graphs? In other words, the new default minimal window size of WWL is now a little wider so that the ‘Wind’ bar graphs cannot get cut off at the end of the display.

Thanks, again, Mike for the quick fix to my suggestion. WWL looks really good now except this one last thing… and it’s a biggie for me.

OK, here we go. When WWL is refreshing, the refresh bar is way too thick, hight-wise, and overlaps the map and, IMO, doesn’t asthetically look good at all. It’s positioning is wrong. The bar seems to be free-floating depending on how you resize the WWL window. Perhaps you should hard code it right onto the surface instead.

My suggestion/solution to this would be to place the refresh bar just under the map and make it “much thinner” hight-wise. I would suggest at least 2/3 less pixels in the hight of that bar. You could also add in some wording either to the left or right of that refresh bar saying… “Refreshing Weather Info” or something to that affect.

Yeah you have plenty of room just below the Map in the ‘Now’ section to reposition the refresh bar. Just make sure the refresh bar is a lot thinner. It doesn’t have to be real thick like it is now. Don’t forget to hard code it right onto the surface of the window. The free-floating refresh bar just doesn’t work well or is positioned well when resizing the window.

Thanks for reading this and keep up the great work on this program.
I’m loving it already…

Re: Dew Point reading should be put back on the ‘Now’ tab of

You can right-click and drag the arrow in the bottom, right corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window to resize it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind and will certainly consider it if more people suggest the same.