Desktop update is always 2 hours behind actual time

I have the desktop set to update automatically every 15 minutes. Apparently the local weather station I am tuned to only updates every half hour, but when it does update, the new information is always 2 hours old. Why is this? The actual program and taskbar link updates every few minutes but also only shows new info every half hour, but at least that new data is current to the minute. Is there a way to fix this issue with the desktop update?

Which weather station are you using? You can find the weather station name at the top, left of the main Weather Watcher Live window.

It is coming from Carthage High School, Carthage, NY 13619 which is about a half mile from my house so I thought it would give me the most accurate picture of the weather at my house rather than other area stations such as Fort Drum or Watertown, NY Airport (which I’ve had to use with other weather services) which are about 15 or 30 miles away. Perhaps the time is set wrong at the station. It appears that they may have already been on DST over the summer unawares and then set the clock back another hour in the fall so that it is now 2 hours off. The weather appears to be correct as near as I can tell, but the time is definitely off. If it is indeed a problem at the station and not with your servers or software, then perhaps I could just contact the school if you are unable to rectify the situation or if that would be easier for you since it is so close to my home. Just let me know, and thanks for the quick response!

This weather station is reporting new weather data every 5 minutes. If you scroll to the bottom of the following page, you can see each time it reported data today: … =KNYCARTH2

All of the times look okay to me. Can you post a screenshot so I can see the times you’re referring to?

I reset the wallpaper to update every 5 minutes. Attached is a copy of the 10am update. Notice the timestamp says 8:15am. However, it doesn’t update every 5 minutes. I’m still trying to determine when it actually updates. It seems to allude me and I never quite catch it when it happens, but the time now appears to be 1 hour and 45 minutes off since I was able to actually catch the 10am update when it happened. 15 minutes has already transpired before sending this message and it still has not updated. If what you have told me is indeed correct, then the problem appears to be with the program and not with the weather station. The program itself updates every 2 minutes, but the actual observed weather still does not change every 5 minutes. I have also attached a screenshot of the complete program weather update at 10:21am and you can see that the observed weather still shows 10:09am. As of sending this at about 10:25am, the observed time still has not changed, neither has the wallpaper which still says 8:15am.

Here are larger screenshots of the both the program download and the wallpaper image taken at 10:30am. The wallpaper still has not changed. The observed weather in the program finally changed from 10:09am to 10:24am at the 10:29am download.

The map images don’t come from the weather stations, so those update times will depend on how often the owner of the map updates them and how often Weather Watcher Live is set to check for updates.

It looks like you’re using this map: … iseny_.jpg

Currently, it’s about one hour behind. It’s 10:41 AM and the map is showing a time stamp of 9:45 AM.

The drop down box at the top of the “Wallpaper” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window will tell Weather Watcher Live how often you want to download the selected wallpaper image. If that drop down box is set to “Every 5 minutes”, then Weather Watcher Live will download it every 5 minutes. That doesn’t necessarily mean the image will have changed since the last download though. Since this map does not update often, I think you’re better off with setting a shorter update interval (5 minutes or less).

Another option would be to use a different map. If you cannot find another map in the Weather Watcher Live map list, then you could search for a new map on the Internet and add it to the map list in Weather Watcher Live. The following link explains how to do that:


After some trial and error I was finally able to change the map, but it is still an AccuWeather map and still appears to be about 2 hours behind when it updates. I looked at maps on, but they cover too large of an area and I was not happy with them. So I guess I will just stick to AccuWeather and settle for the 2-hour time difference for now. If you know of any other maps I could try that just show New York State or even just Northern New York around Lake Ontario, I would be willing to give them a try, but I don’t know of any more reliable sites other than AccuWeather (already in your list of maps) and which I believe is The Weather Channel’s map.

However, I am experiencing a glitch with the program now where I am getting superimposed information showing up on the regular weather page. I had not noticed it before, but apparently when I changed the map for the wallpaper it messed something up in the program. Can this be fixed without uninstalling the program and re-installing it? Attached is a screenshot.

That happens when the main window is not tall enough to display the graphs at the bottom. You’ll need to make the window taller. Click and drag the bottom, right corner of the window to resize it.

If you’d rather not use the graphs, then click “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right of the main window and turn the graphs off.

Wow do I feel stupid. I kept trying to grab the window from the bottom and sides to enlarge it. I never tried the corner!

Regarding the wallpaper issue…the new map was worse than the old map…about 3 hours behind instead of 2. I think AccuWeather has some issues they need to address. Anyway, I decided to just get rid of the weather wallpaper and put up a nice scenic background instead! I can always click on the Weather Watcher Live program to get any detailed weather maps or other information, and if I just want to know what the weather is doing right now outside…I can just look out the window!..LOL

Thanks for all your help.

In spite of the few difficulties I’ve experienced with Weather Watcher Live, so far I think it is the best FREE live weather desktop program I have come across. I will continue to try it out and hopefully keep it for a long time.

Kind Regards.