Deleting the "key.ww file" in WW's folder...

…worked the first time that I tried to retrieve a forecast after deletion of the file referenced above. But, it has failed on every update attempt since that one success. What do we do now?[V]

I plan to have a fix out on Sunday/Monday night. I’d release it earlier, but I’m away for the weekend. I need to have a life too [:D]

In the meantime, please give the beta a try. I’ve been testing it for over a month, so it works pretty well (very stable too!).

You can download the current 5.0.28 beta here: (case-sensitive)

  • Installation Instructions *

  1. Download and unzip the “BETA502810.ZIP” file to the folder of your
    choice (create a new folder).

  2. Run “WW.EXE” from the above folder.

  3. Set up all of your Weather Watcher options in the Options window. The options are now stored in a .INI file. Each Windows user will have their own custom options.

  • Features In The Works *

  1. Resizable main window
  2. Skinnable interface
  3. Alternate interface language
  4. Set your wallpaper to any map from the Map Manager

  • Feedback? *

Please let me know what you think of the beta. What should doesn’t work? What should I change? What should I add?