Degree digits in tool bar

I finally got a font and size that I’m happy with for my tool bar, and now it’s 100+ out!!! I know I can set the hundreds digit to not display, but that just doesn’t look right. Any way you could automatically scale the font so that all three digits can appear. I’m using Cambria Math Bold 10 right now, and half the right digit gets cut off. It would have to be scaled back to 6 point to fit, and then I can barely read it, so I’m not sure what a good solution would be. Actually, Cambria Math Normal 8 looks like it fits, even though I still get the warning that it doesn’t. So maybe scaling back AND going from Bold to Normal (or scaling more if it’s already normal).


It’s a neat idea, but would be tough to pull off since there is such a wide range of available fonts.