Daylight Savings Time is not observed

Hi Mike.

On Sunday March 10 at 2 AM, daylight savings time went into effect but when observing WWL under the ‘Daily’ tab, it’s not reflecting that. It’s still showing ‘fall behind’ time when looking at sun rise and sun set times instead of ‘spring ahead’ time.

I’m not sure if there is anything you can do to fix this as weather info for WWL is downloaded and I find no setting for DST in the configurations. BTW, I’ve tried switching to other local weather stations to see if that woud change things but, no, DST is still not observed. The weather station I’m using is Windsor Locks, CT (Windsor Locks Airport).

This is an issue within the weather data feed I’m using. A fix is supposed to be ready this week. I’ll post an update when I know more.

OK… Thanks Mike. :icon_smile:

I wonder if Weather Underground fixed their issue with this? I noticed when this was first brought to our attention, mine was showing the wrong times, an hour earlier than it was supposed to be. Checking today mine is showing the proper time and on the money with the newspaper weather report. It seems they were putting out the wrong time and not Weather Watcher Live.

Chunker, the incorrect times were coming from the weather data feed I’m using. As you found, all seems to be working as expected now.