Date instead of temperature

Hi. I’m running Weather Watcher Live on a 30-day trial. When I set up the application it seems to work fine, but within a few minutes it displays the date instead of the temperature. Right now it’s saying:

Temp: 1/8/2001 6:16:45PM*F

where * represents a degrees symbol. The icon is showing me 1*, as is the system tray and the export file. The other data is correct. This happens even if I select a different station as the data source.

Any ideas?


I have a few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live do you have installed? Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “About” to find the version.

2) Which weather station are you using? You’ll find the weather station name in the top, left corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window.

I updated to 7.0.47, and that seems to have fixed this problem. Now I have a new one – the system is failing to see any weather stations. I suspect it’s a web filtering issue – the machine running Weather Watcher is in a school network with and iPrism filter. If I open a web browser and open a webpage – virtually any webpage – Weather Watcher is able to get data for a limited time, but then it stops getting new updates and throws an error when I have it look for additional stations. Have you seen this problem before, and do you have a workaround?


No, I have never heard of such an issue. From googling a bit, it looks like iPrism can be bypassed by using a proxy server. I suppose you could somehow leave a web browser window open on a webpage that auto refreshes itself every once in a while. I don’t know anything about iPrism, but I’m assuming you have to log into it in order to access the Internet. Refreshing your web browser would keep your session open and probably keep the Internet access open for any apps that need access.