Date instead of day name (abbreviation)

I don’t know how and when WW changed displaying abbreviation of today’s name on the left column of hourly forecast. Here’s the picture:

What Active City are you using? What region are you using in the “Regional and Language Options” section of the Windows Control Panel.

As Active City, I’m using - Wroclaw, Poland.
As for the region, I use - Polski.

WW was working very well a couple of days ago but things went wrong before the start of December.
[:0] - just found out that 23:00 isn’t doubled but it’s tripled on the picture, I’ve checked WW now and I got 10 23:00!!! WoW, I’ve tried to reinstall WW, then restore my settings (I did that a few days ago) but the problem still appears. It seems like one 23:00 is added every time I open WW window.

Try this fix:

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
Try this fix: [](
[:D] - Mike Singer saves the day again :). Thank you very much Mike. Everything is normal again... cool ;-)

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