Data isn't updating or isn't current

I have version 0.0.38 running and am finding that when I update the weather information I am getting old data. For example it is not 09:18 and while the data was recently downloaded from the WeatherBug station at 17033 the hourly data is starting at 4am.

Is this a problem with WeatherBug or with WWL?

This is an issue with the WeatherBug data feed. They are working to resolve it.

The following Weather Watcher Live update should fix the hourly forecast caching issue:

Please give it a try and let me know if it resolves the issue for you.

Weather Watcher Not Updating


Great program. I’m using 5.6.29 and it is having the same problem. Will the possible fix you mention work with WW 5.6.29? Thanks for the help and providing such a useful program for free.

Robert Dodson

CaptainFrog, I posted a possible fix in the following thread:

A fix for WW 5.6.29


Thanks for the quick reply. I tried the suggested fix and it works. By the way, I had originall had the active city by nam. Used my zip code and so far the program works fine.

CF :wink: