Daily Tab High & Low Temp different from description

On the Daily Tab iy shows the day, main stats like date, high or low temp, sunrise or sunset time etc. and below that it has a written description of the weather for the day.

Have been using Version 6 Beta for a week or 2 now and have noticed that the High or Low temperature posted for the day tends to be different that what the description below it says.

Example the next 2 days/nights - today is Monday May 5th and the High shows 71 degrees farenheit and the decription says “Highs in the upper 60’s”. Tonight shows a low of 42 and the decription saying “low in the mid 40’s”. Tuesday shows correct with 75 for a high and it says “Highs in the mid 70’s” but Tuesday night shows a low of 51 and says “lows in the upper 40’s”.

Know we are only talking a matter of a few degrees here but my husband has a job that requires monitoring of the temp in the winter to make sure equipment doesn’t get damaged in colder weather. Is it possible to fix this?
Thank you,

I’ll check with WeatherBug and get back to you.

Here is an explanation from WeatherBug:

The reason this happens sometimes is this:

1) The textual forecast comes in from the NWS based on a forecast zone, which is basically a whole county. So, these temperatures/text are for the whole county. The forecast zones in the west run along areas of equal elevation and are not typically counties.

2) The exact high low temperature data that you are looking is from the NDFD which is based on a 5KM grid irrespective of any forecast zone areas. So, the values of the temperature forecast are more accurate.

Typically you will not see this much variation between the text and the values except maybe when weather is changing rapidly or it is clear skies like this AM. Then the lows are typically pretty different from one part of a forecast zone to another.

FYI, the “NDFD” forecast is the hourly forecast.