Daily forecast

Hi Mike,
When looking at daily forecast on Weather Watcher live, version 6.1.03, the daily high and low temps for the first 3 days, ie. Sat. Sun. Mon. are always indicated in mph. Today, Sat, Oct. 03 “highs 55 mph to 59” Sat. Night " Lows 46 mph to 50F". Sun. Oct. 04: “Highs 58 mph to 62”. The same for Sun. night and Mon. day. It is always the first 3 days of the forecast that has this error.

Try updating WWL, Mike just released 6.1.09, see here:

Also, give mike the zip code/location you are using, it could be a glitch with the data you’re receiving… but he would know best. :slight_smile:

gary, which weather station are you using? Also, what are your settings in the “Conversion” section of the Weather Watcher Options window set to?

Mike, while I am across the river in Windsor, Ontario, to avoid problems I am using the Detroit, Michigan, Comerica Park weather station. In the Conversion Options, Temperature is set to Both.
Wind is MPH. Barometer is Inches. Precipitation is Inches. Time is 12 hour.

Thanks Jeromy, I will try that after I hear from Mike. I wonder why when I check for upgrades on WWL it says I am using the latest version, 6.1.03. I also went to Mike’s site and the same there. Mike?

6.1.03 is the latest public release. Mike often releases versions that fix problems found by other users or adds additional features (like Spendid 2 skin in the latest: 6.1.10). However, they are not yet releases as public builds.

viewforum.php?f=67 has the latest unofficial releases.

gary, jeromy is correct i[/i].

Weather Watcher Live will only alert you of new public releases. I post a lot of experimental builds in my forums, so I don’t necessarily want everyone to use them.

Thank you, I appreciate the help. I see that the latest version fixes my problems.