Daily forecast missing

Mike, this is the very first time I’ve ever seen a display like this. I’m wondering what could be the problem with no images and so many N/A’s. I’m attaching a screenshot. I did try 4 other reporting stations and they all show the same thing.

Something was changed in the Weather Underground data feed – which is preventing Weather Watcher Live from displaying the daily forecast data. I’m looking into this issue now. I’ll post a fix here when I have it ready.

Thanks Mike, I noticed that the hourly screen shows everything, while as you stated, the daily screen shows nothing. Everything else is fine. I was thinking it was something to do with what was coming in and not just a local issue on my pc. Thanks, will patiently wait for your fix. =D>

Whatever you did make it all ok again Mike. All is well once more. Since no update I’m presuming it was something that was fixed on their end. Thanks for taking care of the problem. :lol:

It was actually an issue Weather Underground had to fix on their end.