"Daily" bug

Hello from Russia! I’m using the latest version beta - 0.38 - and have an unpleasant bug: the program displays “daily” and “now” temperature of December, 30!!! The problem remains when I change all possible stations (Moscow - Sheremetyevo, Moscow - Vnukovo, etc.). But hourly and tray temperatures are shown ok!

Try the following Weather Watcher Live build:

Hm… But i’m already using it…

I thought you were using 0.0.38? Do you have 0.0.38 or 0.0.38C?

The daily-bug is always there after this update. Even when you upgrade to 0.0.40, you see Dec 30th.

Can either of you post some screenshots?


Luc, was the date ever displaying correctly?

I need to be honnest. I think this was always so. Before I had other problems with Icons, and so I have not seen this before. After reading this thread, I see this was/is the same by me.

I have the same problem, but yesterday (after updating the weatherinfo) the right day en date appears on the screen.

I update now a few times (again and again) and now the date is May 18th.

Is there a set of steps that can be followed to always produce a forecast that is showing the incorrect date, or is it something that is hard to reproduce? For example, does the incorrect dates show the first time you switch to a new weather station, when Weather Watcher Live is started up, etc.?

ok, I have done some tests.

After Exit, and restart - there is no problem
Changing other weatherstation : no problem
Re-install latest version : problem again
update a few times and it is ok.

No, I tried but it didn’t work.
It is very strange … an hour ago (we I sent my first reply) the day and date were displayed incorrect.
Now (without any further actions) the date and day are correct (perhaps after the program updated it self (new forecast)).

I’m using version 0.0.40 .

The same with 0.40 :(It looks like in previously shown screenshot. Updating won’t change anything.

When this happens again (to anyone), please e-mail a copy of the following Windows registry key to me at Mike@SingersCreations.com:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live

Mike Singer, just sent it!
Unfortunately it does not “happen” it ia a permament problem. :sad:

The following Weather Watcher Live build should resolve this issue:

Thanks a lot for your help! It worked! The only problem i have now is a wrong day/night pic in the tooltip. For exampe now it shows moon, but it’s 4 p.m. here!