Customize Tray Tooltip


Any chance we could have the ability to customize how the layout of the tray tooltip is presented?

I know we can edit font size/style, but I’m hoping for something more like this, which is available in a third party launch bar application:

:-s You do realize that WW has forecast windows that you can customize yes?

Does this other app have any display options other than the tooltip?

jeromy, what is the name of that application?

Care to share an example? :slight_smile: … php?t=1120 :icon_smile:

Thanks, but this isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.

I know you can customize the font/color/image – but I want to customize the data that gets shown in that image so I can group together the things that are important to me in one block.

That can certainly be done in a skin. A skin is html code, the data and it’s presentation are totally customizable. You can arrange/group/summerize weather data anyway you want. The best example I can think of is the Splendid Mini skin. It’s presentation is completely different than that of the default Splendid skin.

Ah wait, a bit of possible enlightenment. I’m referring to the WW forecast windows, you’re referring to the WW toolbar. The Forecast window can be seen with a click on the WW tray icon, the toolbar is seen without needing to click on the icon.

So what you want is the ability to customize the weather presentation in the toolbar in the same manner as the Forecast window so you don’t have to click on the WW tray icon.

If the presentation of the weather data is that important to you I think learning to click on the icon is an easier and quicker solution. Besides, it’s good exercise. :razz: :iconbiggrin:

BTW There is a free version of that launchbar at .

You make me laugh. :tongue3: lol

Thanks for the tip about the freeware version.

I always click on the tray icon to bring up WW, and I currently have WW set to display most of the available options for the tray tooltip. I love all the options, I just want to be able to better categorize them to my needs.

(And I really hate the current weather image there too… )

Post some detailed ideas, examples, etc. and I’ll see what I can do :cool:

Good, that was it’s intent. :icon_smile:

:-s ? Which image, and where?


The tooltip has a limited number of weather data options. If they could be listed in the Tooltip’s skin.ini in the sequence a user wishes them displayed would be handy. And if a special new tag labeled SEP or LINE was available for displaying a line between the toolbar’s data elements Jeromy would have 95% of what he’s got. I’ll let you figure out how to create sundry labels like WIND and MOON and etc.

Another possibility is replacing the WW Options’s Tray Tooltip’s Values check boxes with boxes that allow a sequence number to be used. Thus the sequence of the tooltip items could be controllled from one location. But that would be back to 95% of what Jeromy wants.


Those are the exact features I’m looking for. =)