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Current Weather Condtions not loading

None of the current weather condtions are loading and do not update when I click on the refresh button. ,

I have few questions for you:

  1. Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

  2. Which version of Windows are you using?

  3. Which weather station are you using?

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Same here. Hit or miss updates. Update bar goes half way, and then skips to end and disappears. Obsolete versions of windows. Have not checked Win 10 machine.

WZPH LP in Florida has been experiencing this for over a week. Now, today, I don’t get updates any longer. Stopped shortly after 5:30 today.

WEAK Radio

FWIW, @Paul_Sugar’s issue was caused by using a weather station that was not broadcasting weather data.

Are you or the other people you mentioned all running discontinued versions of Windows? What did you change between now and the last time all worked as expected? Is it possible that you’re also using a weather station that stopped broadcasting data?

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WZPH is running on XP. I am running on Windows 7 and XP. I have it in three computers - The station player, a backup computer and my personal Windows 7 machine.

They all stopped on my computers around 5:30 today.
Unlike WZPH who can’t add any new stations (blank results) my installation shows results when typing in my zip code.


Also, all of the computers have the latest version of WW.


Which weather stations are you using on those computers?

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It looks like 7.2.245 fixed the problem with my three computers, however the one at WZPH is still not communicating with any function or server.

Since it is not giving any results when adding a new station, it acts like it may be a computer problem. However, nothing has changed on this computer.


That one is not even able to get to in IE for some reason. So, something odd is going on outside of Weather Watcher.

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