Current version is unusable on my machine

If I have the current 5.4b running on my machine for any period of time my system becomes unstable. Apps refuse to maximize properly resulting in having to reboot the Win2k box w 512 MB ram. I had tracked the problem before to a process running in the background that downloads the forecasts and weather information.

That process is DL.EXE. Does Weather Watcher function properly? It seems like the download process is hanging up due to not being able to access the Internet.

WW appears to function properly but eventually my email program Eudora is brought to its knees while WW is running. Eudora will not check for mail and simply freezes. I have no such problem if WW isnt running.

Same situation for me. Running WinXP, Dell 8100 Inspiron Laptop, 512MB, LAN connection to stable broadband internet connection. Also happens on my home cable connection.

I run Mozilla Thunderbird, not Eudora, but the effect is the same: apps stop responding and eventually everything (including ctrl-alt-delete) does nothing. Only a manual forced reboot is possible. Nothing in my setup has changed recently, besides regular MS/antivirus/firewall/anti-spyware updates. If you need more info from me, or would like me to test things for you, I’ll be glad to. I’m experienced at beta testing and understand the risks, etc.

A. Cassidy Napoli

Very odd. I would imagine this has something to do with what’s installed on your specific computer. I’ve never seen this happen, so I really do not have any ideas as to what could be causing the problem. Maybe someone else has some advice?