Current Conditions

Hello Mike,

Haven’t posted here in a while but I have been using WWL for some time now and currently using (Beta)
Problem is currently at 6:15 PM it’s dark outside but WWL is still showing sunny conditions and when I move my pointer over the tray icon it does show the sun when the tray tooltip pops up. Is there something I’m missing in a setting or is this an issue?


It sounds like you were either looking at old data or there is an issue caused by the daylight savings time change.

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which weather station are you using (at top of main window)?

2) What was the observed and downloaded times (at the bottom of the main window)?


I’m pretty sure I was looking at new weather data… I requested a “retrieve weather” update several times and if I remember correctly the observed time was at 6:15 pm but I’m sorry I can’t remember the downloaded time.
The weather station is Philadelphia, PA (Universal Institute Charter School)
Hope this helps and if you need any more info please let me know… I will check the conditions again tonight and post my data…


Any change today? The icons looked to be correct when I check the weather for this location today.

Hi Mike,

Sorry I didn’t get back yesterday… I had a chance to check last night at around 7:00 and conditions were correct. I’ll try again tonight or tomorrow and hopefully I can check at around the same time I was having the issue a few nights ago (6:15) and get back and let you know.



Just checked at 6:21 pm and conditions are correct. Not sure what was wrong the other night but it’s working fine now…

Thanks for your help…