Current Conditions tooltip bug

Hi Mike,

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension 1.0.9 on Firefox 3.5.1 on Windows XP SP2.

Found another bug. :blush: :wink: I’m pretty sure it also existed in 1.0.6 now that I think of it.

I have all of the items for the Current Conditions tooltip checked, but the tooltip only lists down to Barometer Rate. I tried switching to a few different weather stations and the problem is still there. After some experimentation, I discovered that checking any of the Daily, Monthly or Yearly Rain items is the cause. If those three are unchecked, the ones below them show up fine. Checking only those results in nothing showing up in the tooltip aside from the weather station name at the top.

Thanks for looking into this one too. :mrgreen:

hi mike

i also can confirm that TEA-Time is right on the money
i could not figure this out and i had daily rain check also and when its uncheck it working just like TEA-Time saids
other then that great weather program thanks

The following build should resolve this issue:

Ah, that’s the one I just installed. :mrgreen:

I turned all those options back on and it looks good! Thanks for the quick action on this one, too!

I must say I am really impressed. You’re really on top of things. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the developers that immediately go on the defensive in response to legitimate bug reports no matter how much research and information is provided.

Kudos to you, Mike! =D>

no problems here at all, everything working great
thanks for the fast fix great job