Current Condition separator always displays

Hi Mike,

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension 1.0.9 on Firefox 3.5.1 on Windows XP SP2.

Found another small glitch, but I can’t say if it’s new with 1.0.9 since they barely show on my poor excuse for a monitor. I just happened to notice.

No matter what Toolbar Separators is set to, the separator between the current condition and the rest of the icons to the right always displays. That would be the Current Condition Separator, correct?

Thanks for looking into this one too! :mrgreen:

Try this one:

The separator between the hourly and daily icons will always display, even if the Toolbar Separators settings is set to “None”. I figured that would prevent both sets of icons from mashing together.

Thanks for the quick fix again!

I agree about the separator between the hourly and daily icons, but unfortunately I’m not seeing it work that way. It actually does go away when I set it to none. :-s

Which weather station are you using? Also, what are your “Daily Forecast Icons” and “Hourly Forecast Icons” settings set to in the “Toolbar Icons” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window?

I’m using Phoenix, AZ (Arizona Science Center). Daily is set to Days & Nights with 9 icons, and Hourly is set to 1. I normally wouldn’t care to see any hourly icons, but I turned one on to test your divider feature. :oops:

Edit: Woops, changed wouldn’t care to see any daily to hourly. #-o

Hmm… I see the separator with your settings too. Can you post a screenshot?




Map & Current:

I just realized that going between Map and Map & Current appears to control both the Current and the Daily/Hourly separators.

Please try to uninstall Weather Watcher Live from the Firefox “Tools” --> “Add-ons” menu. Then, reinstall from the above download link.

I’m thinking Firefox might not have updated the Weather Watcher Live toolbar since the internal version number did not change. This will at least rule out that idea.

That was a good thought, but it didn’t help.

I was only able to reproduce this behavior while the Weather Watcher Live Options window was open. After I close the Weather Watcher Live Options window, the separator appears between the hourly and daily icons.

Is the same true for you?

Aha… I see what you mean. I know for a fact that the Options were closed when I took those screen shots. But when I tested it after you suggested reinstalling it, I probably did just click Apply since that’s all it seemed to take. And leaving it at my preferred setting of Map & Current when I finally did close the Options didn’t allow me to observe the Daily/Hourly separator actually coming back.

I did notice that some changes, such as which icons are displayed, require the closing of the Options to take affect, whereas others at least seem to take affect when just hitting Apply. Is that a GUI limitation or something? The inconsistency is definitely the reason I thought the bug was still there.

The following build should load the correct separators when “Apply” button is pressed in the Weather Watcher Live Options window:

More-or-less. Other than the settings in the “Toolbar Icons” section, the settings should be applying. Apply buttons really don’t have much use, so I might just remove it to prevent any possible confusion.

Looks good! :mrgreen:

I actually like Apply if it can work the way it’s supposed to for cases when I want to see the effect of my various individual changes without having to go out of the options every time. But if it can’t be that way for everything, then so be it. Removing the Apply button would definitely also remove the confusion.