Curious Question

I have been using Incredimail for quite awhile as well as keeping updated versions of Weather Watcher. I launch Incredimail using a hotkey on my keyboard but the same thing happens if I open it using an icon. Every time I open Incredimail, the ToolTip pops up in the middle of the screen for maybe two seconds then closes. It doesn’t cause an issue, but it does make me curious. Anyone think of a reason this might be happening

The Weather Watcher system tray tooltip is set to pop up when Weather Watcher detects mouse movement over the Weather Watcher system tray icon. For some reason, launching IncrediMail triggers that event within Weather Watcher. I’ve tried launching other applications that use system tray icons, but they did not affect Weather Watcher. That said, it seem something within IncrediMail is causing this issue.