Curious about how you utilized an embedded IE Control.

In this post here, you mentioned that it utilizes an “embedded IE control.”

It seems to me (visually that is) that Weather Watcher IS an instance of PIE, not just a form with an IE Control over it.

Having the desire to create an application along this lines (screen scraper with a bit of markup and client-side scripting available) – would you be able to share a bit of information into that particular area for me? Any particular tricks employed? Or is it simply an embedded IE Control spread across the height and width of the device and its properties manipulated?

Thanks for your time and I apologize profusely if this was not the appropriate area. “Miscellaneous” just seemed clearly wrong since I was definitely needing info on Weather Watcher. :icon_smile:

Again, thanks! =D>

Yes, that is all that is used.

Cool! Thanks, Mr. Singer.