Creating the datafile by hand?

Hi there,

i would like to run Weather Watcher for mobile on my Meizu smartphone. I can install it and run it, but at first a config page pops up. Here are my problem. My keyboard does not comes up, so am not able to fill out the city. Is is possible to create the file which contains all the necessary data by hand and copy it in the Weather Watcher directory?

Thanx Albert

The active city (and other settings) are stored in the registry. You could manually modify the registry, but it would probably be more work than it’s worth.

There should be a way to manually open your keyboard. You could also type your city name into another application and then copy and paste it into the Weather Watcher Mobile textbox.

Bad news. I was hoping the data were stored in a “txt” file and not in the registry. If am able to copy the city that i need am still not able to paste it :frowning: b
But good news are that i have access to the registry…

The version of Weather Watcher Mobile you installed was compiled to run on a Windows Mobile device. I don’t know if this will make a difference, but I recompiled the current Weather Watcher Mobile build for a Windows CE device. Give it a try and let me know if you’re able to access the keyboard when adding a new city.

Hi Mike,

thank you for this version. Unfortunately it is the same, that my keyboard does not appearers. When i am installing the cab i got the message, that it is a different OS version (own Win CE 6.1) and it maybe not works. Am not sure that i got the same message with the other version, but i think so.
I created a short cut to my “Desktop” just in case the keyboard need the phone gui to appear.
But still without luck. I can start it but when i try to type in the city my keyboard does not appear.


I’ve never used Win CE 6.1, so I don’t know what else to recommend at this point. I’m able to manually call up my keyboard when using any application in Windows Mobile. I’m not sure why Windows CE would be any different.

I don’t think that Win CE is the Problem. I guess that the GUI is the Problem. It expects something from the program to open the keyboard. I added a few screen shots. The Icon i added by hand in the registry.[/url] [url=]

It looks like you’re out of luck at this point. Weather Watcher Mobile is only compatible with Windows Mobile – which explains the GUI issues your running into.