Create your own forecast icons

You can create your own forecast icons by creating an icon set that matches up with’s icons. Download the file below to see what each icon represents.

If you have the Weather Watcher 5.6 Beta, then check out one of the folders in C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons for an example of what a finished icon set looks like.

You might want to zip that file. If I simply click on it it comes up but then loops trying to connect to your site. Unfortunately others may do the same. :sad:

PS Thanks. :icon_smile:


Well, that’s not good [:D] I updated that file so it only shows the icons.


Within the file are 4 webpages.

Weather.html displays all the icons currently in WW 5.6b’s Icon folder.

WeatherSkins.html is similar to the above webpage but displays all of David Durst’s (dpdurst) 6 icons sets rather than WW’s sets.

WeatherMC displays all the Meteo Consult icons. Day and night, animated and static.

WeatherNOAA displays all the National Weather Service’s icons. GIF, JPG & PNG formats. Note not all icons are expressed in all 3 formats.

In each case’s icons are displayed for reference. But not in matching reference in the case of MC and NOAA.

The 1st two are easily modified to display other icon sets that may be added to Weather Watcher or installed to different folders.

WeatherNOAA also displays Yahoo’s version of’s icons. Some of which I think are clearer than’s.

Basically, there are a heck of a lot of weather icons out there. Pick a webpage and modify it to suit your needs. Then custom built a set of icons you want to display on Weather Watcher. :icon_smile:


There is another.

A scary line from a movie years ago but not here. Here it means there is another zip file,

Within this ZIP are 2 webpages.

WeatherX.html displays up to 15 different sets of weather icons in an easily customizable HTML file. All the icon locations and display particulars, such as column title or even if the column is to be displayed, are in variables at the top of the code. Locations can be on the web, on the hard drive or any combination there of. Open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, change the variables, save the file and display it in your browser. It’s that simple.

WeatherX1.html is a different approach to viewing icon sets. It displays a form that the user completes which will then display all the weather icons but only as a single set. If you don’t feel comfortable changing HTML code or you find an interesting looking weather icon and want to know what the rest of the set looks like without having to edit a file, this is for you. And for a quicker response the reference icons can be suppressed, via a form option :icon_smile: , such that only the selected icons are displayed. It doesn’t get any easier than this for weather junkies. :razz:

In each case TWC’s’s icons are displayed for reference. But not necessarily in matching reference, that’s where your time and talents come in. :icon_smile:

Both webpages are designed to be tools to help you find weather icons that you like and to develop your own customized sets for Weather Watcher. And don’t forget to send copies of your customized sets to so Mike can post them on his website for the rest of us to enjoy.

N.B. There’s at least two sets of animated icons in the WeatherX.html display as distributed. If you find others please post the URL of one of the images. We can take it from there. :wink:


WeatherX1.html has been enhanced to support icons following the NOAA naming convention in addition to the TWC’s naming convention. WeatherX1.html is a part of

Try it out with some of the weather links noted here: … PIC_ID=694 :icon_smile: