Crash at windows start up.

When I start WWL it just crashes. Is there a way to find out why it crashes? It it does not tell me anything. Running the latest version. Thanks

Check if Weather Watcher Live logged any error messages. If so, you’ll find the log here:

C:\Users[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\WeatherWatcherLive.log


C:\Documents and Settings[Windows Username]\Application Data\WeatherWatcherLive\WeatherWatcherLive.log

This is what is shows.

07/29/2011 21:53:02: Error 5: Invalid procedure call or argument at line 360 (modLicense.LicenseCheckIn) (7.0.81)

At the time it stopped working I did install Java 7.

Did you try running it today? If not, try it and see if the same error is logged again.

I have it set up to run when Windows boots up. I just ran it and it just ended and looks like it did not log anything.

Please see your email.

I will have to see what I work next week so we can still do that if we need to. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that helped but did not but go a new error in the log so we will see if this helps.

08/11/2011 09:42:35: Error 13: Type mismatch at line 880 (modMain.Main) (7.0.81)

I’m pretty flexible most weekends too – if that’s better for you.

I was going to send you an e-mail on what day would be good that I am on vacation and internet is back up and working but I have found out what was causing it to crash. I had Spybot - Search & Destroy 2 beta 3 installed and the file SHDook32.dll was crashing taking out Weather Watcher and two other programs when I ran them. Going to wait till they put out and update to try it again. Thanks for all the help.

Hmmm fix one problem then another one pops up. Now it will not start with windows. The right things are checked. Is there somewhere I can look to see if windows will start it on boot up?

The Start Weather Watcher Live when Windows starts box needs to be checked in the General section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. If that is checked, then you should see Weather Watcher Live listed here:

1) Click the Windows Start button and choose Run….

2) Enter msconfig and click the OK button. This will open the System Configuration window.

3) Click the Startup tab in the System Configuration window.

4) Look for Weather Watcher Live in the startup list. It should be checked and the Command should point to ww.exe in your Weather Watcher Live program folder.

If all looks as described above, then you should check if you’re running any security applications that are preventing applications from running when Windows starts.

I have checked and everything looks to be ok. Just do not know why windows will not run it.

When did it stop working? Or did you just recently enable the auto start setting?

A few days ago. I have looked in the places where it places it to run at start up and it is there.

A few days ago… it stopped working? Or you just started using the auto start feature?

I haven’t changed this feature for a long time, nor have I recently released an update. I’d suggest you try disabling any security-related applications that are running when Windows starts. I bet one of those is preventing Weather Watcher Live from starting.

I disabling all my security-related software and that did not help so I unistalled Weather Watcher Live and then ran jv16 PowerTools 2011 witch is a registry cleaner then reinstalled Weather Watcher Live and that did the trick. Everything seems to be working again. Thanks again for all the help. Best weather program I used so far. Hope you can get a test copy of Windows 8 so you can test your program with it.