CPU stuck at 100% after a few hours running v5.6.10

Since the installation of v5.6.10, the ww.exe application will go to 100% after a few hours running. I can’t get any menu to come up so i can exit the application so i have to cancel it from task manager. Any suggestions?

Do you have the wallpaper auto update setup? Or maybe the log or export features? It would be helpful if you could narrow the problem down to a particular option.

A small utility that would create a txt file of all the client’s WW options settings would be helpful for debugging don’t you think? If there is a problem they run it and send the txt file to you.

Wallpaper Auto Update is:
Every 2 minutes

i do not have the log or export features turned on, what would you like me to log and export?


Try turning off the wallpaper update to see if that might be causing the problem.

I’ll try that. Is it possible it has something to do with the number of sites I use for wallpapers? I use 19.

The number shouldn’t be a problem. It’s more likely that a specific website is causing the problem. Disabling the wallpaper will be an easier test though. If the problem goes away when the wallpaper is disabled, then you can start trying to narrow the problem down to a specific wallpaper.

Try changing the wallpaper update frequency to every 10 minutes. If one is slow responding it could create a logjam for the others and be causing the problem.

If you notice one wallpaper staying on the screen too long the problem is with the one following it.

Can you manually pull up each of the 19 images?

I’m going to do no updates for 24 hours first. After that I will extend the update interval to 5 mins, then 10, 15, and so on until the lockups stop. I can get to each site manually without any lagtime but thats to be expected since the lockup only happens now and then.

I’ve done several tests and what seems to work best is to uncheck the option to turn off wallpaper updates while screen saver is active. So, if I let WW continue to update the wallpaper continuously, even every minute, I don’t get the 100% cpu problem.

Now several days later I get the 100% problem again. I don’t see a pattern. Lets think of a more clever way to diagnose this?

What are your update settings at now? Still every minute?

yes, every minute, because it seems to happen even faster when i set the time for greater than a minute. my current solution is a free little program called process tamer that reduces the priority of runaway processes. so far it works like a charm.

In that weather.com updates it’s data at best every 20 mins and I suspect the others similarly if not less often what advantage to you see updating every minute? :???:

With so many things trying to access the 'net at once I can see collisions as inevitable. Checks for Windows Updates, AV updates, email client, web browser, Office Updates, spyware updates, pc vendor updates, etc. And they probably have higher priorities than WW.

i update the wallpaper every minute because i use near live webcams, which update every minute or so, for my wallpaper sources. but since i use about 10 different ones, each one only gets updated every 10 mins or so.

Isn’t there other sw that can auto change Windows wallpaper other than WW? I’m thinking along the lines of security sw but others could be webcam sw, photo processing sw, etc.

How about Scott’s Wallpaper Switcher (http://www.sb-software.com/wallpaper/)? Or something along the lines of http://www.filesland.com/companies/Blac … anger.html?

Anyways just a thought or two.

thanks for the suggestions