Couple of LOG questions..

Is there anyway to create a log,txt file that re-writes the log file each time rather than simply appending to the existing log file ?

Is there a log field format , like [temp plain] , that will write the conditions like “cloudy” or “sunny”


If the Log file reinitialized each update it wouldn’t be much of a log file now would it. :iconbiggrin:

If you mean each time WW starts, you could create a small CMD file to delete it either when shutting down the system or when invoking WW.

Maybe the Export file is what you want?

The WW Help file shows all the tags available and the [CONDITION] one seems to hold what you want.


You can use [CONDITION].

Aha ! The export function will do what I want, I just removed the HTML coding from the default export template and named it as a .txt file. Thanks very much.

CONDITION works too, I think I used the wrong case setting earlier, I think upper case is required.

Happy to hear the export option fits your needs. And yes, the WW tags are indeed all UPPERCASE.