Contact lists, IP addresses and reboots...

Hi Mike.
I know this software is a bit old but I don’t think the issue is new and I figure maybe there is a way around it.

Problem : on a router reboot (power outage, other reasons), dynamic IP addresses get changed and contact list shows all dormant (with the old IP addresses). So we have to go delete and re-add the contacts one by one.

So, solution #1 I know is assign fixed IPs.

But, other than that, Is there some other way to allow the dynamic addresses and have the contact list use the PC names to locate the PCs on the LAN? Also, on a related note, is there a way to load ALL the PCs on the LAN to the list automatically (small office, about 10 PCs, we want all to see all within the LAN).

While old, the software does exactly what these guys need, is light in size and they love it.

Thanks for any info.


The contacts are stored in the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\StickIt\Settings

You could either write a program to automatically update those contacts or use static IPs as you suggested.

The other solutions you mentioned would most likely work too. All would require code changes in StickIt though.

I don’t use StickIt but I do understand routers and dynamic addressing.

If the router’s range of dynamic addresses were limited to 10 addresses the individual pcs might each get a different address after a power failure but the addresses in the Registry would still be valid.

You could also make the range bigger than the number of pcs in the office, 20 for example, and manually configure the Registry entries to access each of the expanded addresses. So again, after a power failure you would still be covered.

Then again maybe this won’t work for this situation. :-k

No, the issue would be that if the addresses have changed, then when you “private message” one node you would actually be taking to somebody else. So it is important that they stay assigned to the right machine.

I was looking at the registry key. While it would be easy to update it when needed, the question is when. If power goes out I have to wait for all nodes to be back up to get the list of nodes and addresses updated. If the program stored the node names only, it would figure out their addresses as needed, but that probably creates an overhead on name resolution.

Fast solution keeps been fixed addresses. As stated, is only 10 nodes or so, so it isn’t a big job. :slight_smile: