Constantly "Searching for available locations..."

I’ve just installed Weather Watcher on FF 4.01. When I enter a zip code (or various cities in my area) on the Add a new station screen, a message pops up in the lower left hand corner “Searching for available locations…” and sits there and does nothing further. I’m in the Cleveland,Ohio area.

I’ve tried installing/uninstalling and disabling/enabling weather watcher, and/or restarting FF in various combinations, and no joy.



The search is working as expected for me in Firefox 4.0.1. Are you still experiencing the same now? If so, is this a new issue or are you a new Weather Watcher Live user?

I just installed FFWW today. I tried it again just now, and no go. I also have installed WW Live (the windows app) and what looks like the same location search works fine. (I’ve turned off AdBlock Plus and FFWW still doesn’t work.)

O.K. This is kinda weird, I tried it this morning, and it now works.