Connection via T-Zone proxy

Weather Watcher Mobile is a great app for my cellphone. Thank you for making it available.
I have the T-Mobile Wing with the T-Zone service. Most of the applications (Google Map, Internet Explorer, etc.) on the device can connect to the Internet through a proxy (well known hack) without problem. However, Weather Watcher Mobile 1.0.8 is not able to connect and download the data through the proxy. It only work if I am on Wifi or ActiveSync connection. I know that some other programs, such as HTC Weather, need a patch to work with the proxy hack. Just wonder if there is a setting or a patch that allows Weather Watcher Mobile to connect similarly. That would be super. Thanks again.

sphone, I’m not familiar with that hack. Can you fill me in?

Many people call it a hack, but it is just a proxy setting for the data connection over EDGE/GPRS on T-Mobile network. This proxy setting allows unlimited Internet access with the $5.99/month T-Zone plan. This method applies to many T-Mobile cellphones, even to the jailbroken unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile network. It is very well known. The proxy setting is similar on many devices. A step-by-step instruction for the Dash is posted here:
The setting for the T-Mobile Wing and other PPC devices is the same. I know that when I follow these proxy setting steps, Google Map, email, IE, Yahoo!Go, etc. work very well. However, Weather Watch Mobile says it can not download weather data and times out. Thanks for looking into this, Mike.

I am using the same “hack”, and never had a problem with version 1.0.4 until last Tuesday 04/01 (April fool’s??). Now I cannot update anymore, I receive a message saying “Weather data is currently not available!”.
I tried updating to version 1.0.8 but that obviously didn’t solve the problem… I’m thinking it’s because I access the web through the proxy :sad:
Anybody has any idea how to get this working under the “proxy hack”?

sphone, do you see the same message that rosie74 posted in the following thread?

I am using version 1.0.8 and see the problem that rosie74 mentioned. That was the reason I posted my message. But rosie74 should try to connect via WiFi or ActiveSync to see if version 1.0.8 can download weather data. I have no problem with WiFi or ActiveSync connection, only with the T-Mobile proxy hack. BTW, I tried SPB Wheather and it does work with the T-Mobile proxy hack, like other apps (Google Map, etc.). I never used any other version of Weather Watcher Mobile before, version 1.0.8 is my first experience with it. Maybe I should try an older version than 1.0.4 to see if just the version 1.0.4 and later has problem and report. But I can’t locate version 1.0.4 or older to download. I googled around but all the websites have the newest 1.0.8. Thanks.

Sphone, I was using version 1.0.4 when the problem started… But I was able to download the updates just fine before April 1st! It’s like something happened that day, maybe on the T-Mobile network, that made the download impossible. I’ll try to connect via Wi-Fi and see if I can download.

I downloaded the update through Wi-Fi with no problem.
So the problem IS the proxy hack then… :mad: