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Confirmation Codes - Very Confusing!

I’m new to this forum but have been using WW for 6 yrs. Anyway, it took me 6 tries to get logged in, due to some letters not being very clear. eg. 1. Q - the tail gets blended in with other annoying background images. 2. Some sets of Confirmation Codes appear to have a space between some figures & they apparently don’t! Or do they? :???: 3. I had to change my password 3 times #-o due to your system not recognizing 2 or 3 symbols together. eg. @a [at symbol & small letter ‘a’], i! [small letter ‘i’ & exclamation mark], ~^ [tilde symbol & caret symbol] and ,’. [comma & apostrophe & period].

I use a secure password creating program to come up with crafty :twisted: passwords, copy & paste them into the new password boxes & have never had a problem with any site until yours. :shock: Could you possibly have a glitch in that program? :-k

I found this very frustrating & almost gave up tyring to join your forum! ](*,)

Maybe somebody should get someone to tell anybody at what ever company that developed this Confirmation Code program, to check it out… :-({|=

Para :cool:

Some of the codes are tough to read. The idea is to prevent programs from automatically creating forum accounts. The easier it is for you to read, the easier it’ll be for programs to read. I did find that I was able to find some codes that were fairly easy to read after clicking the “Refresh confirmation code” button a few times.