Condition icon missing in system tray after explore crash!

When ever windows explore crashes the condition icon goes missing from the system tray. The temp icon remains however.

Can you please fix weather watcher so the condition icon will also remain in the system tray after a windows explore crash?

I am running Vista 32Bit

Can you identify which module is causing Vista’s Explorer to crash? Are you running Vista SP1?

Yeah, I so rarely have had Explorer crash in Vista (now SP1 for me as of last night, but previously, for over a year, on Vista Ultimate RTM) that I am not sure which happens…

I suppose I could manually kill explorer and restart it to see what is left…

Re: Condition icon missing in system tray after explore cras

Interesting you see that. I have no condition icon, only temperature, and I have noticed that it will not come back after an explorer restart (doesn’t have to be a crash; sometimes I get into a hung state and restart the main explorer thread (via Process Explorer)).

I’ve gotten used to just restarting WW but it would be nice if I didn’t have to :slight_smile:

This topic here I think explains how to make the system tray icons come back after a explore crash.

WM_TASKBARCREATED message … /0199.html

And this link also

Mike I hope you can fix this for weather watcher.

I test a lot of software so my windows explore crashes sometimes.

superman75, try the following Weather Watcher build:

Hi mike I installed the new update.

And now when windows explore crashes different things are happening.

One crash both the temp and condition icons came back after the crash. :icon_smile:

Then I crashed windows explore again and just the condition icon came back. Temp icon was missing :sad:

And one other time both temp and condition icons did not come back.

Also when both the temp and condition icons do come back they are not side by side. Other icons are between them.

I guess this just needs a little more adjusting?

Ok another update!

I Have have now crashed Windows explore several times and “most” of the time both Temp and condition icons come back :icon_smile: But they are not side by side.

But still at random times just the condition icon comes back and also sometimes both temp and condition icons do not come back.

Could some more adjusting fix this for good?