command line arguments?

Hello and thanks for the great app. Works good on my original Moto Q.

I was wondering if there was a command line arg that would run the update process because I use a program called Schedy Mobile and I can use it to automatically start WW at a predetermined time and it has the option of adding command line args to the startup and I would like to have it also update the weather for the day when it runs WW for me.

Is this currently possible or is there a way to implement this into WW?

Thanks in advance for your time :icon_smile:


There is no such command line arguement, but you could check the “Update weather on startup” box in the “General” section of the Weather Watcher Mobile Options.


Thanx a mil for the quick response and the great application. I must have cough glossed over that simple and obvious option as a solution when i initially installed and played with WW.

Again thanks for taking the time to write this app and make it available to SP app junkies like myself, lol.