Column Titles

Hi Mike, I emailed you a few months ago about Freezing the Column Titles which would make it easier to know which Col we are in.
I believe your Email response said it would be in the next update. That was several updates ago.
Is it still your plan to keep all titles visible all of the time?

I am not planning on making any major interface/skin changes until the next major release of Weather Watcher is ready (a few months?). In the meantime, if you know HTML, you could implement that feature… or perhaps EdP would want to give it a try :cool:

Personally I think deleting someone’s postings is rude and insulting. :sad:

I suppose we could rant on and on about your originally deleted comment/question, but it would really not help anyone who is looking for helpful information about making the said modification to the Weather Watcher Splendid skin.

If you think alienating me is a better approach you are mistaken.

I did not mean to offend you… was just trying to keep things tidy around here. I’ll PM you next time to let you know :cool:

Thank you.

Another option would be to not delete the postings at all. :icon_smile:

Some forum sw allows you to leave the original posting and have it automatically link to the new location. It doesn’t appear that you did that with this move and I suspect that tonyarm is a novice poster, as such moving his posting may cause him to never find it.

As for his request the only way I could do it would be via frames. It’s possible something like that can be done using CSS code or DIV tags, unfortunately my expertice is weak/non-existent in those areas.

Maybe Fl?gger will stop by and offer some advice.

Freeze Titles

Not sure I know what I did that was so wrong. I am a Novice in WW Forum, Only.
But if you can tell me what I did wrong I will correct any future questions.
I thought my request was simple. Sorry.
In Spread Sheets in Excel with long columns as in WW, it is common to freeze the Column Title
My Apoligies for causing problems
Tony :sad:

Sorry tonyarm. The above postings should never have seen the light of day. Not your fault. Please accept our apologies. :oops:

So the column headings you refer to are the ones in WW not the ones for the forum, yes? And I assume you mean those associated with the Splendid skin’s non-Current forecast windows?

An option you could try, while waiting for a design change, is using a different skin. Or making a skin with the pieces you prefer. For example you could copy the whole Splendid skin’s Forecast folder over to one called Tonys or simply Mine. :icon_smile: Then copy .wtp files to it from other skins whose style/features you like. The forecasts in my Splendid Mini skin for example do not use column headings for example. Some others may be similar.

Again, accept our apologies.

No need to apologise but I do appreciate the sentiment.
The Titles of which I spoke were as follows:
In WW Daily Hi/Lo-Prec-Hum-Wind-Etc.
In WW Hourly Temp-Feels-Prec-Dew-Hum-Etc.
The Titles are not the same in hourly and Daily and the Frozen Titles would make it easier to know In which Title/Column one is.
I thank you for the Resonses.