City not found


I have a PC with Luxembourg as city and Weather Watcher runs well.
Now I have a notebook with Vista ,and Weather Watcher does not find LUXEMBOURG.

Thanks for your help


Not sure why you are experiencing the problem, I suspect the nb’s av or firewall is preventing WW from accessing the 'net but that’s a SWAG, but one way around it would be to copy the Citycode.cmd file from the pc’s WW install folder to the nb’s WW install folder.

nkoenig, it looks like there is an issue with’s city search. As a workaround, do the following:

1) Click the “Add Code” button in the “Active City” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

2) Enter LUXX0003 and click the OK button.

3) Click the “Edit City” button and rename LUXX0003 to Luxembourg – or whatever you would like to see when the city name is displayed.

4) Click OK to save your changes and close the Weather Watcher Options window.