choose active city via a map of the country

In order to know witch town is the closed to our location could you :

1?)ask (in the active city option) for a country
2?)Show that country in a map and in this map show all the active cities for witch weather watcher can retrieve the data.
3?)By clicking on the city closer to our location activate it

(Sorry if my english is not excellent… [:I])

Otherwise, you could add a tool to find the closest active city to a location
This could need a bigger list of town, village with associate coordinates (lattitude,longitude)

Bon jour paulatreides.

If you enter the name of your city into Weather Watcher’s Add City option Weather Watcher will present you with a list of cities that you can choose from for your weather. Not all will be in your country so you will have to select which one(s) pertain to your location.

You must be use to Meteo Consult’s forecast maps. [:)]

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