Character Encoding?

Has the character encoding on the forum changed lately?

Something is keeping me from logging in as I usually do, because the forum says the user ‘Flügger’ doesn’t exist, though if I use ‘Fl?gger’ for username all is well - this seems somehow wrong to me :wink:

All (or most) of the character encoding was lost when I moved my forum database over to my new web host a few weeks ago. I fixed your name for you.

Hehe great Mike - though I was wondering if it might have happened to more than just me, so you might be able to correct the encoding server-side or in the db setup or whereever… But well, this fix does it for me, so why worry :razz:

When I moved the database, all of the encoded characters were set to “?”. It seems the only way to fix them is by hand :sad:

Damn that sucks… How could that’ve happened? It shouldn’t do that… I hate it when that happens…
Was it at the same time the WWL Beta forum disappeared, or did i just not pay attention…?

I hid the WWL Beta forum. You should still be able to see if when you’re logged in – I think?

I’m not sure about the database. My new host might use a different version of MySQL.

Hmmmmm, I don’t see it I think, not if it should be the same place it used to anyways… I only see:

Suggestions & Feedback
Live Support
FAQ & How To
Unofficial & Old Releases

But how did you transfer the data? Maybe the encoding got lost in some conversion hell? Maybe it could still be re-entered automatically…?

Hmmm, still no beta-forum, but there’s one for skins now :eek: is that just for the icons for now, or does it mean we get some skinning guidelines soon?
And while I’m at it, have you build translation in from the start this time around? And do you still want help on that part…?

I’ll probably work on some icon sets first, since they can be easily created. I wanted to post the icon reference up in case anyone had a set of icons that they wanted to convert.

The new tags are in the WWL manual… and the new Splendid skin could be used as a reference. There are some new things though, so it would really be helpful to have a set of guidelines to follow.

The new skins do not include anything translation-related. I will most likely translate the WWL interface and skins directly from WWL itself. It would be possible to use JavaScript to translate the skins, but then you would need two separate methods – one for the skins and one for the interface. I’d like to keep it as simple as possible.

Well, I can see your point, but as I’m more a coder than a graphics person, I’d probably choose to make the guideline and let users make icon sets… But that’s just me :wink:

I must have been a little dumb and blind not to find and read that… Or maybe I just forgot to think… But guidelines or references will always help a bit… But whether you make them or not, I’m sure there’ll be some something for me to do this summer, now :smiley:

As for the translation, I’m on your side - to make it right it should be made central and simple… Using javascript in the skins separately will only serve to make more inconsistent behaviour, whether it’s added to the skin by WWL or not, so my money would be on defining standard words and sentences and put them in tags for all to use easily and avoid text in graphics… But I haven’t really done that sort of thing to much, so I wouldn’t know if that’s the way to go…
I do however think it’s easier if it’s build in as early as possible, though not before being well designed and thought through… And after all, the weather functions should come first in a product like this…

But if you think of something, let me know, I’m up for the task of translating… And whatever you might need :wink: