Chaos ???

The previous version of WW work better for my town (cluj-napoca, romania)…information from work very well…now it’s all changed and that’s a problem…
Now the live information comes from a town 120km away from cluj-napoca (from targu mures)…so it’ vere very WRONG…it’ like a LIE :icon_smile: …I will use the oldest version because the new one has a big problem…and cluj-napoca is not the only example in romania…there are many more…
The rain amount it’ not shown at all…anyway the rain can be read from Synop telegrams or from … very easily…
I’m not happy at all because I thought the new version will bring some good changes…but instead it not work great at all…

Because the WWL does not get data from the same source.

WWL is not really a ‘new’ version of WW, since it uses a completely different data set.

Exactly, and I’m not loving the new source either…that’s why I never liked Weatherbug :slight_smile: I went back to the old version as well.

I just uninstalled Live, too.

I couldn’t get it to connect, despite all my "OK"s to my firewall.

The old one was working fine. Tweaks are OK, but this doesn’t seem to be an improvement.

It all depends upon your POV - one of the reasons Mike started developing WWL is because the folks at Weatherbug are much more willing to work with him in terms of errant data sets, formatting data, etc - the fine folks at were not as placating and would not work with Mike to help him get some continual issues he has had with WW.

Another reason is that WWL allows for real time data (mainly evident with wind direction more than anything right now) so tat there is less of a discrepancy between what you see outside and what you see in WWL. Hence the ‘Live’ part of WWL.

Finally, it also depends upon just how well the WB stations in your area are maintained and transmit data. I would not be surprised to see data sets going all screwy because the WB station is set up at an area that would be prone to be ‘tinkered’ with or vandalized - like a school…

Finally, you have to realize that, right now, WWL is still a beta product - so expecting it to work glitch free is out of the question right now.

I personally like it, even though it’s feature set is still a bit limited- skins, for example, are one of my main things - I liked one particular skin for WW, the tronnix one, that I cannot yet use in WWL - but Mike is developing that aspect of it too, and it is supposed to be more robust.

Finally, it comes down to choice - use whichever you choose to - it is your machine and your choice, after all. Just don’t expect to fairly compare WW and WWL yet - WWL is bound to have a lot more kinks and be, developmentally speaking, not a finished product yet.

This station limit or no limit is the main problem with the program. I guess that every other bug is getting exterminated. The problem is the source itself and not the program. So in short: the program is useless with this source for many people around the world.

marhyo, more stations will be added over time – as more people setup weather stations across the world. The US has more weather stations available because WeatherBug was not selling weather stations to anyone outside of the US. They have now started to sell them worldwide, so you should see more popping up.

I will soon have access to personal weather stations, like those found at Once those have been added, most people will have access to many more weather stations.

In the meantime, you can install Weather Watcher and/or continue to use Weather Watcher if you already have it installed. The Weather Channel (the data source for Weather Watcher) apparently has access to more weather data outside of the US.

So the guys at WeatherBug finally realized that there is something else outside of US boundaries. The whole new world for them. Hehe.

Or it could be that they simply did not have the technology to handle the weather outside of the US…I mean, you do realize that in order to compile worldwide data and be able to stream it to the world via a web interface costs a great deal of money - not to mention hardware for data storage and manipulation, etc…

marhyo, I’m not really sure why they just started selling weather stations internationally. As far as I know, they are the first US company to start setting up weather stations outside of the US. Most US weather companies buy their international weather data.

Whatever the case, this is definitely good news for Weather Watcher Live :thumbright:


I concur that the new version is inadequate where reporting statios are scarce. Where I live the closest station is 40 miles away. Please give users the choice of data sources; the old one or weather bug. In the mean time you should make the older version avaiable for download.


Weather Watcher Live is a brand new application – not a new version of Weather Watcher. If you didn’t manually uninstall Weather Watcher, then it is probably still installed on your computer. If you need to download Weather Watcher again, then head over to the Weather Watcher download page in the “FREE SOFTWARE” section at

Missing stations & wrong data

Hi all

I leave in Romania, and I just tried to add Ceahlau (Toaca) station. Even if the initial search station dialog shows it, when selecting it and pressing ok, the window with the map takes me to Salcea (Suceava). This location is about 2-300km away and situated in a hill zone (while the Ceahlau (toaca) is the top of a mountain at 2000m alt). You can guess that there is no way the suggested location will give any comparable readings to what I searched.

Note that at … code=z6286
there seems to be available data. When will this be fixed in WWL?

PS1. I hope that the data on weatherbug is accurate. Some years ago I was using a Firefox plug-in that was retrieving the data from, and it was acurate, till they switched to, where I lately found the they not only had missing data, but they were extrapolating and presenting it as real data. Which was not acuurate at all. Very disappointing.

PS2. Not all places outside USA are underdeveloped. Note that at least in Romania there are a lot of automatic weather stations that are linked to the internet. It’s only that some companies from USA choose to ignore the rest of the world (while still pretending to offer world wide services).

Cristian Haulica