Change slider view from main window with radio buttons

Great program Mike.

I normally have the Hour slider showing in the WW window but I’m also curious about the daily forecasts and the moon phases. Going to Settings at the bottom of the screen is a chore. Would it be possible to add three radio buttons to the main window so the slider display can be easily changed from one slider view to another (Hour->Day->Moon)?

This image shows the Settings display where the slider view can be changed.
This image shows one method of enabling a change of slider view using radio buttons. You must click on the image to get the full size view and see my radio buttons.

This was a feature in old versions of Weather Watcher. While not as obvious, what do you think of the idea of double-clicking the slider to toggle the different views?

I think that would be fine , and it would achieve the purpose of being able to change the view from the main window.