Can't minimuze.

I’m enjoying this weather application but have a problem.
If I click on the icon in the taskbar, the large window opens on my screen.
But there is no apparent way to minimize it back to the tray.
I click on the arrow pointing down and the application closes completely. Then I need to start up the program again.
How can I just minimize the screen?

What version of Windows are you running? What version of WW?

Open your WW Options, click on the General tab, make sure the bottom Miscellaneous setting isn’t selected. :icon_smile:

No minimize to System Tray option

I just installed Weather Watcher v5.6.19

I seem to recall the option to minimize to System Tray being available in previous versions,
but I can’t find it if it’s there.

I want to minimize WW to the Taskbar but right now it’s minimizing to the System Tray,
and I can find no option to turn this behavior off.

Can anyone help?

jph6t, Weather Watcher has always minimized to the system tray.