Can't get lic to work on my laptop

I have Weather watch running on my main system (only) when I went to install it on
my new laptop I get a message that “all of your available lic seats are in use”

I have only had weather watch on my main sys and another laptop that fried last year. I have never had it on more then 2 systems at any given time, so whats up.

Your license has 5 seats – and a seat is taken up every time you enter your Weather Watcher license on a new computer, new version of Windows, and/or Windows user. If your license is old, it’s possible you’ve entered it more than 5 times.

Weather Watcher is not able to tell which of those license seats are actively in use. So, it’s asking for your permission to transfer one of the license seats. As long as you’re not using all 5 license seats, you should always click “Yes” when you see that prompt.


Thanks Mike got it working now.

Ya I had a few crashes on my last laptop and had to reformat a few times.
Found out it was the mobo that was gone in it.
Just can’t get a good laptop to last past 15 years anymore. LOL